My EcoTools Makeup Brushes Review

So basically I have been using these brushes for a couple of months now and I love them! I wanted to share these products with you guys without ranting for a couple of paragraphs, so I’ll just sum up what I love about them.

1. As you can guess by the name, they are friendly to the environment! They are 100% cruelty-free. The bristles are made of synthetic taklon and the handles are made of bamboo with recycled aluminum ferrules.

2. They are very inexpensive. I apologize for not having the exact prices, but I did not spend over $10 on any brush or set. The set in the bottom-left photo came with all 5 brushes and the bag for about $6!

3. Don’t let the price fool you, the quality is great! The bristles are super soft and none of them fall out, the handle is very sturdy, and I don’t have any fallout when using powder.

4. They are perfect for beginners. Because of their price, you can buy all of the essentials for about the same cost as 1 high-end brush! The sets, as you can tell from the photo, have labels on each brush so you know what they can be used for. I also like that they blend very well, which is also helpful for beginners.

Those are the reasons why I’m so glad that I found this product. I definitely recommend them! Right after I found them, I told my sister about it and she followed in my footsteps and she loves them, too!

So if I have actually convinced anyone to try them out, you’re probably going to want to know where you can buy them. Here is a list on their website of installations or other websites where they can be purchased. I bought mine at my local Base Exchange.

For more information on these products, here is their website:

DISCLAIMER: I am not in any way associated with this company, these products, nor am I getting paid to write this review. These are simply my own opinions and I just really like the products and want to share them with everyone!

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